You have chosen a doctor and clinic. Bought your plane tickets . Locations also booked . Ok.Now it is time to plan your medical travel to unique cultural and tourist beauties of Turkey. But do not forget that Turkey has a lot of beauties that we describe. Here we can mention only the most important of the city and located in these outstanding cultural and tourist heritage. You can be sure to came to Turkey , you will find even more. 


Istanbul is a cultural city, a bridge between Asia and Europe. In general, summer months are warm, while winter time differs from area to area. Istanbul provides road, aerian and sea transport. The city of Istanbul provides medical services with fifty-five public hospitals, five University hospitals and one hundred and six private hospitals from which twenty-one  are to be accredited. It’s the city with most accredited private hospitals by JCI.

The accredited hospitals in Istanbul are as follows: AcıbademBakırköy and Kozyatağı Hospital, German Hospital, Amerikan Hospital, Şişli FlorenceNightingale Çağlayan, Kadıköy, Şişli and Gayrettepe Hospitals, DünyaGöz Hospital, Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, International Hospital, İstanbul Memorial Hospital, Medical Park Group - Bahçelievler HospitalandGöztepe Hospital, Medicana International İstanbul Hospital, Medline Alarm medical Services A.Ş. Private Medicana Hastaneleri Bahçelievler, Sema Hastanesiand Yeditepe University Hospital. Besides that, it provides alternative medical services with Tuzla thermal springs.

Apart from recovering your health you’ll nourish your soul with the history and culture of the city.    


Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It is situated in the middle of the country. Winter months are cold, while summer months are hot. The warmest months are July and August, while the coldest one is January. Ankara provides road, aerian and train transportation.  

Ankara provides medical services with thirty-nine public hospitals, 10 University hospitals, and twenty-nine private hospitals from which 7 are accredited.

The accredited hospitals in Ankara are: Ankara Güven Hospital, Bayındır Hospital, Hacettepe University Hospital, HRS Ankara Women Diseases andBirth Hospital, Medicana International Ankara Hospital, TobbEtu Hospital and TDV Private 29 of May Hospital.

Besides that, there are three thermal springs in the area. There are eight thermal establishments that use these healing waters. If you want to find cure in these waters and help medical tourism, then we’ll wait for you in Ankara.


Izmir is situated exactly in the middle of the Aegean shores. Summers are hot while winters are rainy. You can reach Izmir by road, by air or by sea. Izmir provides medical services with fourteen public hospitals, three University hospitals and eleven private hospitals.

Thermal springs are one of the natural treatments methods you can find there. It provides services with three thermal springs and seven luxurious thermal establishments. You can be sure you’ll be treated like a king.

İzmir provides you with a medical travel, attracting you with its colorful sea and beaches in the west and thermal centers. Dont’t you want to dream of the artistic activities made centuries ago while visiting Efes, one of the most popular cities belonging to the Roman Empire ? That’s why you must come to Izmir.


Afyonkarahisar is situated at a croosroad that links the North of Anatolia to the South, and East to West. Its winters are cold and snowy, while its summers are hot and arid. You can reach it by road and by train.

Afyonkarahisar provides medical services with seventeen public hospitals and one private hospital. Afyonkarahisar is very rich in terms of thermal springs. There are five thermal springs. There are also five-starred hotels for your comfort and health.

While you are getting medical tourism services, you can enjoy the natural beauties of Afyonkarahisar. İf you want to feel like in another world, visit the natural wonder- Sandikli Mountain, Tokali Canyon, and fairy Chimneys at Iscehisar. We’ll wait for you at Afyonkarahisar.

Karadeniz Region (Samsun-Trabzon-Rize-Artvin) 

The Black Sea region of Turkey is a unique natural beauty with its plateaus , all shades of green, hot springs and the sea . In coastal areas, winters are warm, misty and cool spring and summer is wet . At a distance from the coast to the hinterland much more continental climate .

This is the region with the most great potential of health tourism in Turkey.


Bursa is situated in the south-east part of Marmara Sea. Although it has a mild temperature, its climate can differ depending on areas. In response to harsh temperatures and a lot of snowing in the south, in Uludağ mountains, you have  mild temperature in the north, at Marmara Sea. You can reach Bursa by road, by sea or by air. Bursa provides medical services with sixteen public hospitals, and eight private hospitals out of which three accredited. The accredited hospitals in Bursa are: UludağUniversity Medical Institutions, Medical Park Group - Bursa Hospital and Acıbadem Bursa Hospital. 

Bursa is a rich province in terms of mineral and thermal springs.For centuries, people are coming to Bursa to get thermal springs treatment. It has three potable and eight thermal springs. The healings waters are being used for a lot of diseases’treatment. There are seven elligible thermal establishments.

Bursa plays an important role especially in the winter tourism. You can find in Uludag one of the largest ski centers in the country. If you prefer to benefit from your medical tourism during winter, come to Bursa.


Yalova is situated in the North-West of Turkey, in the South-East of Marmara Region. Summers are hot and arid, while winters are very rainy. You can get to Yalova by sea or by road. 

Yalova renders medical services with one public hospital and two private hospitals. Yalova is very rich in terms of thermal springs. It has three thermal springs. These thermal springs are at least 3000 years old. The thermal springs that heal a few illnesses, are provided to visitors together with thermal establishments. 

Would you like to find some peace in the middle of nature after you’ve received your treatment ? In that case we’ll wait for you at the first private arboretum in Turkey.

Don’t forget to visit this peerless place that has around 7000 of plants.   


Kocaeli is situated on the passageway that links Europe to Middle East, passing through Anatolia. Summers are warm with little rain, while winters are rainy and warm. You can reach Kocaeli by road and by air. Kocaeli provides medical services with six public hospitals, and five private hospitals out of which 2 are to be accredited. The accredited hospitals in Kocaeli are: Acıbadem Kocaeli Hospital and Anadolu Medical Center.

In terms of thermal tourism, Kocaeli has two drinking and one thermal springs. If you want to get cured by healing springs belonging to Bysantium Age, then come to Kocaeli. If you come to Kocaeli in December and February months, don’t forget to visit the newest ski centers in Turkey, Kartepe Ski Center.


Antalya is a tourism center, situated in the South of Turkey, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.  Winters are warm and rainy, while summers are hot. You can reach Antalya by road, by sea or by air. Antalya provides medical services with thirteen public hospitals, and fifteen private hospitals from which one is to be accredited. The accredited hospital in Antalya is: Medical Park Health Group - Antalya Hospital. 

Antalya is one of the tourism places that comes first in the world, in terms of summer tourism. Antalya is called Turkish Riviera, bringing together the sea, sun, nature and history. If you want to get medical tourism services and enjoy the cleanest shores and beaches of Mediterranean Sea,  come to Antalya.


KAYSERI is situated in the part of Orta Kizilirmak, in a place close to the South part of Interieur Anatolia and Toros Mountains. Winters are cold and snowy, while summers are hot and arid. You can go to Kayseri by air or by road.

Kayseri provides medical services with thirteen public hospitals, and seventeen private hospitals. When coming to Kayseri you get benefit from its healing waters. Thermal springs that heal a few illnesses await for you.

When you come to Kayseri, would you like to see the areas Alexander the Great went by? Don’t go home without visiting Cappadocia with its chimney roks, the Christianity center at  Ürgüp, situated at seventy kilometres from Kayseri.


Kütahya is situated in the interieur West of Anatolia, in the Aegean Region.Summers are warm and arid, while winters are cold and rainy. It has milder sea temperatures in the west parts. You can reach Kütahya by road or by train.

Kütahya renders medical services with six public hospitals, and four private hospitals. In terms of thermal waters, Kütahya is the richest province. It has ten thermal springs. You can find there five-starred hotels. What do you say about recovering your health by healing waters ? We recommend you visit the Ceramics working shops when you come to Kütahya. In order to have good memories about the ceramic, an art that spreads from the Phrygians till today, we’ll wait for you at Kütahya.